Lars Thomsen

ATF Speaker, Futurologist, founder of future matters AG

Lars Thomsen, who was born in Hamburg in 1968, is one of the world’s leading futurologists. As a researcher of future trends, Lars is considered one of the most influential experts in trend forecasting within the fields of energy, mobility, and smart networks. Since the age of 22, he has worked as a consultant in the development of strategies and business models for the future. Lars has worked with various types of organizations across Europe, including independent companies,
corporations, institutions, and government-related agencies. His reference list includes more than 800 organizations.

Lars Thomsen’s extensive professional network helps him facilitate frequent one-on-one meetings with other international leaders of innovation. Around 30% of his time is spent traveling around the world for the purpose of research and exploration. In addition to his professional activities, Lars is also a member of several think tanks as well as the World Future Society in Washington, D.C.. Currently, he lives with his family on Lake Zurich in Switzerland.

Lars Thomsen is a sought-after keynote speaker for international congresses and conferences. His lectures inspire through a balance of provocative and fact-based hypotheses that together illustrate possible future scenarios. His audiences include board members, supervisory board members, executives, customers, and employees.