Dr. Marco Freiherr von Münchhausen

ATF Speaker, Speaker 2015 and Bestselling Author

Dr. Marco Baron von Münchhausen, born in 1956, studied law, psychology and communication sciences in Munich, Geneva and Florence. Today, the successful businessman and best-seller author is one of the most wanted lecturers and coaches in Middle Europe, and delivers lectures and seminars (also in English, French, Modern Greek and Italian) on work-life balance, self-motivation and stress management, everyday self-management, as well as activating personal resources, across Germany and beyond. Awards/Prizes 2015: “Speaker of the year”, 2007 / 2010: “Conga Award“ (the Speakers Oscar in Germany) for excellent performances as a speaker and lecturer, 2005: “Excellence Award“ for excellent performances as a trainer and lecturer. 2002: “Trainer of the year .