Dr. Marc Thom

ATF Speaker, Venture Capital Senior Investment Manager Corporate, Investments & Alliances Sony Corporation

Marc Thom is 42 years old and he is looking after Sony’s strategic partnerships and alliances in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT) and for the venture capital area of the Sony Innovation Fund, where investments in start-ups are granted. Marc firmly believes that new partnerships are needed in the field of IoT to enable automation and new business models for the industry. Disruption of the established business models of the industry is rather a disruption of the existing business models, made possible by new technologies of the telecommunications, which in the future will become even more important and will grow closer together. To realize the Business Transformation which is significantly needed, the structures and responsibilities of companies needs to be adopted to the changes. His background in psychology and medicine is on the first view not really fitting to this role but on the second view (and if you think about) it could make a lot of sense.