Topics since 2008


2017 Digital Sales

  • NEW: Along with Fred Kappler, we have also managed to secure Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand with responsibility for Sales, Marketing and After Sales as an additional patron.
  • NEW: Future Mobility BarCamp in the ideas centre and speed dating session between ATF partners and students
  • International digital trends
  • New competitors & digital sales channels
  • Challenges in automotive sales & practical examples
  • Business talk: Will manufacturers remain system leaders in the future or simply become hardware suppliers?

2016 Generation Connected

  • NEW: In addition to Werner Eichhorn, Sales and Marketing Director, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., we have now also managed to secure Fred Kappler, Head of Volkswagen Group Sales, as another patron
  • NEW: Welcoming speech by Olaf Lies, Minister for Economy, Work and Traffic in Lower Saxony.
  • Influence of digitalisation on communication behaviour
  • Practical examples for a generation-specific approach
  • Challenges in automotive sales
  • Business talk

2015 Going Digital

  • NEW: Selected speeches will be filmed
  • Cross-industry, digital trends in trade
  • Challenges of digitalisation in automotive sales
  • Cases for digitalisation – practical examples
  • Business talk

2014 GO EAST – The Asian Challenge

  • NEW: Keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik, Chairman of the Board & CEO at Malik St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • NEW: Automotive talk for managers around the world; invitation only – approx. 150 in the audience
  • Cross-industry trends in Asia
  • Trends in automotive sales in Asia
  • Challenges for the European automotive market

2013 „Future Sales“ – the changing face of automotive sales!

  • NEW: Podium discussion with international experts from the automotive industry (topic: “Future Sales“)
  • NEW: MindMap as protocol of the International Trend Forum
  • “Consumer Driven“: Which consumer trends are changing sales?
  • “Customised Mobility“: What are the effects on existing distribution networks?
  • “Going Digital“: How will distribution processes in the automotive industry be revolutionised?

2012 Kunden von morgen – what makes automotive customers tick?

  • NEW: International evening for networking and generation of core issues by the participants
  • How is consumer behaviour changing?
  • What are the scenarios for 2030?
  • How do social networks affect customer relation management?
  • What resulting changes will this have on automotive sales?
  • What are the differences between countries (focus: ASEAN, Europe and South Africa)?

2011 – China as a driver of growth in the global automotive competition

  • NEW: Carl Hahn as a keynote speaker
  • How is the Chinese market developing?
  • What are the implications for Europe?
  • What challenges are there for European car manufacturers in China?
  • What are the differences between countries (focus: China and Europe)?

2010 Innovation and creativity: Are your sales fit for the future?

  • NEW: Wolfsburg Arena named new conference location due to high demand
  • What will 2020 look like?
  • What innovations are there in the automotive industry?
  • What does creative location marketing mean?
  • What is the potential for innovation in the automotive trade?
  • What are the differences between countries (focus: Germany, USA and South Africa)?

2009 Leadership in crisis

  • NEW: full-day conference at the Ostfalia University for the first time
  • What are the effects of the crisis?
  • What are the core competences for managers?
  • What qualification concepts are there for car salespeople?
  • What does employee motivation mean in the car trade?
  • What are the differences between countries (focus: Europe, USA and South Africa)?

2008 evening event “Trends in the automotive industry”

  • What developments are significant for automotive sales?
  • What are the differences between countries (focus: USA, China and India)?