Greetings 2019

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Jürgen Stackmann, ATF Schirmherr, Markenvorstand Vertrieb, Marketing und After Sales Volkswagen Pkw

Greetings from Jürgen Stackmann Omni Channel Commerce
In these exciting times of upheaval in the car industry, former subjects of the future such as autonomous driving, connectivity and e-mobility have become a reality. These changes directly affect automotive sales. In cooperation with all stakeholders, OEMs have to improve buying processes to make them as simple as possible for the customers.
Online or offline, at all the touchpoints with the customer, the different sales channels and steps in the process must be interlinked and optimised seamlessly.
Car manufacturers are becoming mobility service providers. This leads to new opportunities to set up in a completely new way in many areas. Given this background, it is enormously important to re-examine existing sales channels and align them to the new Omni Channel strategies.
What do successful Omni Channel Commerce approaches look like? What channels will become more important – before, during and after purchase of a car? How can we make the customer journey a powerful argument and billboard for the brand? What are the critical core competencies, which should be developed in the Omni Channel?
How we plan, direct and control the sales channels and customer touchpoints available to us will have a direct effect on the customer experience. That’s why we are directing our attention to the new challenges and current trends in this area.
As the host of the Automotive Trend Forum I am delighted inviting you to analyze and discuss the future Omni Channel Commerce. I look forward to a number of innovative workshops, lively discussion, exciting specialist talks and the opportunity to introduce our Volkswagen sales model of the future in more detail at the 8th and 9 th of May in Wolfsburg.

Greetings from Dr. Christian Dahlheim
“A current study performed by the World Economic Forum stated that climate change and the protection of data will be two of the largest upcoming challenges for global economy. The automotive industry is at the centre of development where both topics are concerned. This was the express position taken by the Volkswagen Corporation at the Paris Climate Agreement. We are taking the right step towards emission free mobility with our new electric campaign. The production of the new fully-electric Volkswagen ID is going to be created this year at Zwickau. The ID is also a milestone on the road towards a fully networked and digitalised vehicle with completely new services for our customers. This year Audi and Porsche will also introduce their first fully-electric models, e-tron and Taycan, to the market. The Volkswagen Corporation, in the best sense of the word, is under “high voltage” and will use these vehicles and many other models to make a decisive contribution towards transforming electric mobility.
Electric mobility and digitalisation will not just ensure a completely new product experience. Customer contact and distribution channels are just as important. In addition to standard meetings at the car dealer, young customers are also looking for the opportunity to gather information about digital channels and even a complete online purchase procedure. As the sponsor of the Automotive Trend Forum, I would like to invite you to discuss these topics with us and many other well-renowned experts. “Omni Channel Commerce” is the motto of ATF 2019. There is a lot to be discussed – I look forward to meeting you!”